As of today we have had almost 30,000 Pageviews, 3,126 Users, 7,065 sessions, 3.90 pages/session, with an average session rate of 3:39 seconds since we launched.

What does this mean? It means that for a niche, local website with a very specific demographic and target audience….we are doing REALLY well. And I couldn’t be prouder of all of the hard work that has poured into this since its inception.

What does this mean for our Vendors? It means that we are driving our target audience to your Premier Featured Vendor pages. And, for our Parents, it means that you are engaging with our content and benefiting between the Facebook Group and our Website.

I am happy to announce that we are expanding into Cleveland and Arizona. And, that we have three Account Managers residing in their local area. They were are/were stay-at-home moms who wanted something part-time. And, they wanted something that worked with their life/schedule without having to enter re-enter corporate America.

Mitzvah Chit Chat supports the parent experience as well as our vendors who partner with us. Over the past few weeks, I have gotten feedback from parents who have said they couldn’t have planned their event without us. And, Vendors who have said that their entire business has been built up via Mitzvah Chit Chat. Even if your experience isn’t either of these extremes, the hope is that you will benefit with the perfect mix of the Group and the website.

Mitzvah Chit Chat is different…why? Because we have a local website for each location paralleled with a local group. Not just one national website where you need to dig deep for your local information. In addition to this, we have a Facebook Business Page that does cater to everyone across the nation as well as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. It is amazing how much time is invested into social because times have changed and evolved.  My personal value proposition to everyone who touches Mitzvah Chit Chat is that you feel good about being here and that you have a good user or advertising experience.

With gratitude. Thank you for being here.

Kim Kutnick
CEO, Mitzvah Chit Chat


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