Mitzvah Chit Chat has helped push my business forward previously as just the Facebook Group, but since the inception of the website, I have received a significant number of leads directly from

I have noticed a growing number of clients linking to my business website directly from Mitzvah Chit Chat, and especially on the first Monday of the month which has, within the past three months, secured me with 4 new Mitzvahs as well as a handful of smaller events.

Mitzvah Chit Chat is an incredible opportunity to be a part of the community in this way.

The $400 upfront cost of a featured vendor page is nothing compared to the return on investment that could potentially drive business your way.

Here’s how I look at it…A single form of advertising, over the cost of a quarterly time frame, should be in my opinion, no more than the return of booking a single event from said advertising. I like to try to refresh an ad every three months or less to keep interest moving.

At only $100 a quarter for a Full Page Landing Page on… its a no brainer for me.

I have print ads that cost $1500 a quarter and they are great, but this is an excellent targeted group that allows you to market your work to a very direct and specific client, and in my opinion, I feel that the value offered is worth way more than the upfront cost.

Jordan Hollander

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