I wanted to take this time to say thank you for being here and for making Mitzvah Chit Chat an amazing collaborative effort. Mitzvah Chit Chat is  recognized as a local brand, and I want to thank EVERYONE who has told a friend, invited someone to the Group and/or Page and passed along information about Mitzvah Chit Chat. In 1 1/2 years we are almost at 2000 members of the Group! In 5 weeks, the website is off to a phenomenal start:

As of Saturday at 9:30 am:
16,396 Page Views
1.980 New Users
An average session of 3.33 minutes (which means that people are engaged with the site!)
And, most viewers are looking at at average of 4.06 pages/session

Since the website launched, I have been researching and joining other Groups on Facebook. Many do NOT allow Vendors to post OR even join. Other Groups allow postings every Monday-which I believe is over saturation with the same medium. I think our “Chat it up Mondays” on the first Monday of the month is a great compromise. I hope that both Parents and Vendors do too.

The success of both Parents and Vendors is crucial to the lifeline of MCC. We want to ensure that parents are having a good customer experience and by doing so, we want to showcase and promote quality, hard working, local small businesses.Which is what we do!

In my day job at CDW, I build and present complex marketing plans for technology Partners. And, the most important thing that I tell my Partners is that their message needs multiple touches and will be most effective if targeted audience sees their ad three times.. This is why I created this website and why I have encouraged everyone to Like the Page, Join the Group and Visit the Website.This gives our parents three ways to research their planning process and Vendors three ways to reach our parents who are planning. Three touches. It’s the magic number. My value proposition to Vendors is that I will do whatever I can to help your business succeed (except self promos under parent questions :-)). And, I will do whatever I can to ensure that Parents enjoy a fulfilling end-user experience with all three parts of Mitzvah Chit Chat.

Have a great week. Thank you again.
With Gratitude,
Kim Kutnick
CEO and Editor-In-Chief

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