Look at this picture of a happy, relaxed mom at her son’s Bar Mitzvah. This can and should be you! Stacey Moe Events talks to us about a few reasons why you should consider hiring an event planner. 

1. You’re busy
Like incredibly busy. Both spouses work or have hectic schedules, you have several kids and the thought of doing everything related to planning the weekend makes you break out in a cold sweat. You’re already overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities you have and now you need to add on hours and hours (think 100 hours or more) of researching, planning and figuring out the details. It’s just too much. Call Stacey Moe Events. She’s busy too, but it is her full time job to ease your stress.

2. You’ve never done this before
Do you ever find yourself distracted or unable to fully enjoy a party you are throwing because you are too busy keeping things organized or getting guests something they asked for?  Now imagine that on a grander scale…on one of the most important days of their lives. Consider if you haven’t planned an event, especially one where you want to be fully present, that had over 100 guest?  Then you may want to hire someone with experience organizing a dizzying number of vendors and details. A planner like Stacey Moe will plan all of the details you may not even know you needed to think about.

3. You’re indecisive
There are just so many options for photographers, videographers, MCs, decorators… Just seeing the list of all of the vendors you’ll need is making your indecisive heart second guess itself. You want more guidance and fewer options that fit within your budget, from someone who has taken the time to get to know exactly what your family is looking for.

4. You’re on a tight timeline
Did you procrastinate and now see just how much work it will be? Have you started making phone calls and the vendors your friends have used are booked? With only a few months left to go, you need to hustle and there’s no room for error. You need someone who can get the planning done fast! A planner can only execute one event a day, so message Stacey now to see if she’s available. Hurry.

5. You don’t really care about the planning of the party
It’s not that you don’t care about the process; you are so proud of your child and their accomplishments! You just don’t care that much about the party. You know you need to have one, but the details? Meh, leave it to someone else!

6. You aren’t creative
Many of our clients don’t know where to start. They know what there child’s interests are, but don’t know how to transition those into a theme. Then the question becomes how to carry the theme through logo design, invitations, decor, favors, custom desserts, candy tables…maybe even signature drinks and late night food to go. How great would it be to find a planner like Stacey who is organized, but also has endless creative ideas that will make your son/daughter’s Mitzvah stand out in a crowd?

Maybe you’ve been waiting their whole life to plan this Mitzvah...Even if you have done all of the initial planning, we will take the reigns up to a month before the big event to allow you to relax, knowing that the details are now in very capable hands.  We meet with you to get an in-depth understanding of what your vision is approximately one month before, and then put it into action on the big day.  We do all of the back-end coordination, working with all your vendors, calling them all to make sure everything you want is in place, usually 2 weeks before.  On the day of, we will be the ones to assist your vendors in getting everything where it needs to go, on time and just how it is expected to be.  You will be relieved to have us doing all the last-minute prep for you so you can just sit back, relax and mingle with your guests.

All of our clients have told us that without the essential, worthwhile investment in a planner, there is no way they would have enjoyed the day. They were able to feel a sense of calm they knew they would not have had if they were scrambling around, trying to make everything as perfect as we actually did.  We want you to remember your event because you were able to be fully present, having the time of your life!  Let us help you achieve this goal. Call or text Stacey Moe at (847) 323-5284. 

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