I love Chat and Tell. From both a parent and an Editor’s perspective.

It shows us the finished product of a very special Jewish Life Cycle Event. Since www.mitzvahchitchat.com launched this winter, I have been debating if I should post my son’s Bar Mitzvah as one of the Chat and Tells. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the amazing trifecta of Mitzvah Chit Chat as (Website, Group and Page) wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my past experience planning Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah.

When I planned Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah, there wasn’t a local and centralized resource for me to turn to. And, while I loved the Vendors that we picked. I would have loved a bit more direction or at least a one stop shop where I could research it all! I believe that Mitzvah Chit Chat has made the planning process easier for our local families. And, not only has it helped parents…it also has helped local Vendors secure additional business.

Planning my son’s Bar Mitzvah was a true labor of love. And, I hope you enjoy “Rock with Zach”!

Venue: Viper Alley

Photographer: Tell Draper


Decor: Lance by Freelance 

Hair and Make-up: Andrea at Flawless Beauty for Make-up & Nicole Cohen for hair

Video: Mike Elbaum

Photobooth: Photobooth Time

Giveaways: SWISH LLC (Disclaimer:  We were happy with SWISH LLC BUT I did not know G.Q. Promotions at the time who we will be using in 2019)

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