We at Kidoodles/Initial It Gifts are often asked what is the right thing to give a thirteen year old for their bar/bat mitzvah? As in all things “Jewish”, everyone has an opinion on what makes the perfect gift! The good news is, there are many appropriate ways to recognize this milestone in a Jewish child’s life.

There is a long-standing and lovely tradition of giving cash gifts in multiples of 18, which numerically in the Hebrew alphabet is “chai”, and translates to “life”. While no one is ever upset with a gift of money, some gift givers feel like it is not very personal. We always recommend that you accompany your check with a slim-fit wallet (small enough for a young man to use) or a colorful ID wallet (just right for a young lady) that can be embossed with the mitzvah child’s initials to make it personal.

At Kidoodles/Initial It Gifts, we make sure to have gifts in the “mitzvah” price points to give our customers options to choose from. Something as simple as a monogrammed jewelry dish or embossed catch-all desk tray work well in the $20 and under gifts category for when your child is invited to many mitzvahs and you want to give something other than a check. Our selection of jewelry boxes (which we personalize and start at $36) always make a great gift, either alone, or with a piece of jewelry (starting at $36) should you want to give a larger gift. Other personalized items that work well and are useful include colorful monogrammed make-up bags (starting at $20) or tote bags. For boys, a monogrammed athletic duffel or a weekender travel bag (starting at $50) are a useful and appreciated gift. A meaningful gift they can treasure forever uses the actual mitzvah invitation sealed in a glass keepsake box. Everyone who has given this unique and personal item has come back to us with glowing responses from the recipients!

Any way you choose to recognize the mitzvah child will be greatly appreciated. These are just a few tried and true suggestions but be sure to contact us to see our full line-up of our bar and bat mitzvah gifts.

Leslie & Beth

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