It’s Chat and Tell Time!

Here’s what mom, Corrie, had to say about Makenzie’s Journey to the Tourney!

Hi! Reflecting on my son’s Bar Mitzvah last Saturday, and wow what an amazing night for all of us! I had some partners along side of me and wanted to let you all know!

Mackenzie’s Journey to the Tourney would of not come to life without the talented Lance Gustafson from Freelance! Thank you for making my complete vision come to life!

I am certain we will have life long memories thanks to Bradley Floden from Cobalt Photography! Note-The photos that are shown in Chat and Tell are not the professional Cobalt Photos.

Our guests enjoyed a special concept video montage from Xpress Video. We can’t wait to relive the night and watch all the video taken! We are certain you captured all those special moments.

A huge thank you to Laurie Silverman Gens at Michael’s. Anyone looking for a fun environment should look no further. Our 200 guests enjoyed Merks cheese fries, burgers, hot dogs, steak sandwiches and all the other delicious menu items special to Michael’s. Laurie treated this event like her own and there is no one else I would of rather worked with to ensure my son’s night was perfect!

Monster Entertainment, David Kasper K Krich had the job of keeping our guests dancing and having the best night! Not a second went by without keeping everyone engaged and looking forward to what was going to play next!

The kids walked away with the coolest hoodies from Rich Friedman and CFX Marketing. It was so much fun watching all the kids walk out of school this week sporting these awesome giveaways!

And Jill Coren Ryder was instrumental in making me be a guest at my own party (which was probably the hardest job out of them all)! She worked so hard to ensure all was perfect and always with a smile on her face! Contact Jill so you can sleep at night leading up to your family’s big day! Huge hugs and kiddos to my entire team! Our memories will be held tight from our amazing Mitzvah! 

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