Those are the Real ingredients of an Incredible, and Memorable Family Celebration. THAT’s what O’Dea Entertainment brings to your Family & Your Child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Every Party is Personalized & customized around what You Love. We aren’t trying to do the Most Parties, Just the Most Memorable.

If Your Looking for something Wonderful, Different, and Really, Really Fun, then your looking in the Right place. We will help you make your event EPIC whether it’s a small intimate event at Your synagogue, OR at Wrigley Field! (which we have done)!

As One of the Only Chicago based Interactive Entertainment Companies, we bring a whole New Vibe, with Fresh personalities and ideas, with unique entertainment to Your Event. No one wants to be at the “Same Old Party” over and over again, that’s what make our service so special & so different. Every one of our events is One of a Kind, just like your child.

Because we are a Boutique Business, Family owned and run, we will treat you like family, and have prices that WON’T make you Re-mortgage your home. We love what we do, and we want to share that energy & Excitement we have, with You, and Your Family.

We have done events in different cities & countries in the world, but there isn’t anything like Sweet Home Chicago & the Excitement that comes with it!

So please give us a Call, or email us Today!…before your date is Gone.
Chicago’s #1 Interactive DJ Choice. Visit

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