A Mitzvah is an important celebration for a family which means it should be as unique and fun as possible. How can this be done? It’s all about the entertainment!

Start with Music

The key to any event is finding the right music to set the tone for the whole evening. Having a family friendly DJ or live band who will know how to get everyone up and moving their feet is important. If there are certain songs, genres, or tempos that you want played at your Mitzvah, make sure to let the music entertainer know so they can best accommodate your celebration theme. If you know there will be some outgoing guests at your event, consider adding karaoke or even dancers to the music experience! No matter the skill levels, it can be fun for people of any age who want to participate and also for the ones who just want to listen or watch.

Fun Activities for all Ages

Apart from all the time spent on the dance floor, having some other activities for guests to do is essential. These extra activities will help create lasting bonds and memories among family and friends. One form of entertainment that can be customized for any event is temporary body art. Laine Too offers temporary tattoos, airbrushing, nail art, and more so your guests can wear home a piece of your event and theme. Guests both young and old can have fun participating in this activity because the artwork can be customized to the desire of each individual.

Special Guests

Incorporating entertainers who will walk around engaging with your guests can bring more excitement to the event. A few examples are: magicians, acrobats, dance teams, celebrity impersonators, theater skit troupes, comedians, and balloon makers. Having these additions will give your guests yet another form of entertainment to get involved with. Remember to have these performers match your theme and create a space for them in your event timeline.

Capture the Memories

Looking back at old photos of the good times brings back positive memories so why not capture the memories at your event? Besides just taking photos on a phone or camera, try something more unique that can be enjoyed by all ages. Customize photos for your celebration by creating a Snapchat filter and accompanying #hashtag. This filter would be designed by you so it can look exactly how you want it. Anyone with the Snapchat app will be able to access the filter and share it with whomever they want. Other photo sharing tools such as live projector streaming and live photo printing using a Laser Transfer Printer can be an out-of-the-box way to capture memories with your guests.

Having any of these forms of entertainment will surely make your event a hit. Guests will be having so much fun, they won’t want the night to end! Congratulations on your upcoming event from the team at Laine Too.

For more information about adding unique entertainment options to your event please contact our team at party@lainetoo.com or visit us on your favorite social media platforms.

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