Why all the asks? Why all the posts? Why?

When I started planning my son’s bar mitzvah in 2014/2015 I didn’t have a one stop shop that enabled me to get all the information that I needed. And, what I found was that everyone I knew was in the same predicament. Where could we find information in one place and one time on information on Chicagoland mitzvahs? Nowhere.

On, September 10, 2016 all of my research and planning came together. All the passion and hard work paid off, and it was one of the most special days for my son and our family. But, getting the information that I needed was hard. And, frustrating. I didn’t know where to look for resources. Why? Because there wasn’t anything out there for local resources. Not a place that brought it all together. Not a place that makes your job as a planning parent just a little bit easier. Even where to find a planner! I had to pay for a website to provide my friends and family with Mitzvah info.

So, on September 12 after the Bar Mitzvah weekend was over, before I could get the “post life event blues”, as a purely passion project, I started a Facebook group-North Shore Mitzvah Chit Chat. And, it grew. And, grew. And, grew.

And, here we are.

Parents (including myself because I’m now on round 2) ask and share. And, collectively we have created a community of “mitzvah chit chat”. But, alongside of this I also now realize that Vendors and Venues crave a more consistent forum where they can position themselves in front of a targeted parent audience. And, not just on the first Monday of the month. It’s not enough with so much competition in the area.

So, after much mental process paralleled with a Journalism BA degree from UW-Madison; a strong 20 year career in publishing, marketing and advertising sales; a current role in corporate America creating and executing complex marketing plans; and, most importantly, the push and very strong encouragement from my Husband to take the leap…I bring you:


THE one stop shop for Chicagoland Mitzvah resources!

Vendors and Venues:

– Premium homepage spots
– Premium Homepage Blogging opportunities
– Featured Businesses per category
– Logo listings
– And, more!


– Content that is fun, relevant and timely.
– Write a blog about your experience! We’ll post it!
– Mitzvah Project Galley
– Mitzvah Celebration Gallery
– And the eventual platform to host a landing page with the specifics of your child’s mitzvah. No matter how big or small-this will be a portal for you to keep it organized for your guests!
– And, eventually a newsletter

So, I ask that you take a look at www.mitzvahchitchat.com and sign up for information. The site will be launching soon!

As I prepare the true launch please submit/email your child’s mitzvah project; or mitzvah story to: info@mitzvahchitchat.com. It will be used on the Page and eventually on the site. Have a success? Tell us! We want to know.

Don’t forget to Like and Follow the Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @mitzvahchitchat.com

Last but not least…..Special thanks to:

Josh Kutnick (my husband), Aliza Sperling GQ Promotions, Inc. (Mitzvah Chit Chat consultant and industry knowledge expert) and Cameron Pagliocca www.jetrockdesign.com (web designer who rocks and you will want to hire her after you see www.mitzvahchitchat.com because it’s truly worth chit chatting about and awesome)

With love, excitement and gratitude,

Kimberly Kutnick
CEO and Editor-in-Chief
Mitzvah Chit Chat

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