Hello Mitzvah Chit Chat Peeps. Do you know How You Prefer Entertainment?

Does your child want a club-style dance party or would they prefer more games and activities? We are H.Y.P.E. Productions, an interactive entertainment production company, that can help your family figure out how to put your personal stamp on your celebration. When planning such an important event, it is important to recognize a few things.

1) Kids are very fickle. What they like today will be completely different by the time their party comes. Their interests, friends and vision on how they want to celebrate their accomplishment will change. It is important to book an entertainment company that will be flexible with your ever-changing party details. At H.Y.P.E. we allow you to secure a very basic package and build up from there. Besides MC’s, DJ’s, Dancers, Live Musicians & Singers, we have so many options for Extra Entertainment. Some kids may prefer a game show, photo station, team building activities, video games or techy ideas, an art themed party or even a charitable activity. H.Y.P.E. can customize from one side of the spectrum to the other. After all, you are entrusting us to be the face and voice of your family for the event. It is our privilege to create an environment for your friends and family to celebrate, but in the style that you prefer.

2) Be realistic with your expectations. Talk with your vendors about what you expect from them. It is important to be clear about what you want the celebration experience to be and for all vendors to be aware. There is a behind the scenes balancing act that takes place with live productions. The more information you can provide your vendors in advance, the better planning and results we can bring you as a team.

3) Back up plan for a back up plan. Technology, equipment, planning process and staff are all main factors for your event. Make sure you do your homework. Hire a company who has a great track record and consistency with their team. When families are booking 2-3 years in advance, it is important to know that the COMPANY you are hiring is prepared for any possibility. How committed is their team? An injury, career change, etc. While you may have a favorite HEADLINER, what if? Choose a company that is ready on every level with a respected brand. We are proud at H.Y.P.E. Productions that we are able to offer many of our entertainers full time positions with Health Benefits and a 401k Plan. A reassurance in the event industry that is rare. Better to be safe than sorry.

4) Be a good guest and a great host! When you are a guest at someone else’s event, keep in mind that they might prefer something that you don’t. Their music requests, style of presentation, or timeline may be very different than what you envision for your party. Come to your own event ready to CELEBRATE! The more fun you and your family have, the more fun your guests will have. If you participate, they will participate. It is very simple, you have one shot to get it right. Hire amazing vendors and you be the guest!
We look forward to hearing from you! Mazel Tov!

Jazmine, Vega, Rob, Twitch, Andy, Jess Blaze, Jamaal, Dox & Kozi & The Entire H.Y.P.E. Family

If you would like more information on H.Y.P.E. Productions, please contact H.Y.P.E. at:
888-497-HYPE (4973)

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