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Hannah had such an amazing day! Her Mitzvah day and celebration were exactly what she wanted, she wouldn’t have changed a thing AND the best part… didn’t break the bank. Check it out!

Here’s what Hannah’s mom had to say”

My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebration was last Sunday, March 25. I would like to let other parents know that you do NOT have to go completely overboard to have a fabulous celebration! (We did, though, have to put in some “elbow grease.” ) We held her party at the Chicago Curling Club in Northbrook. The venue was perfect in that we had the kids mainly in the front part of the club where the DJ was located, the lights were dimmer which allowed the DJ to use special lights creating more of a “party look”, and there was the view of the ice house; the adults were mainly in the back part where there was brighter lighting, the volume of the music was not too loud allowing the adults to have conversations, and the food was set up in that part and easy to access.

We did NOT have assigned seating. This allowed for more moving around, gave kids in the family the chance to be where they were more comfortable, and eliminated a huge stress. We used Larry Klaber with Elevated Entertainment for dancing and games. We loved him at our son’s event a few years ago, and, again he and his team were great! We put together our own centerpieces using show t-shirts on stands (purchased from another mom on the Mitzvah resale site). These were very personal, meaningful, and colorful.

We ordered pizza and salad from Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe. (If you have never tried the New Your style pizza there, trust me, it is worth the trip! My daughter requested it for her party!) We ordered cakes and cookies from Costco. (Seriously, who does not love Costco cakes?) They were beautiful and delicious! We also had donut holes. We spend a lot of time at the Buffalo Grove Community Arts Center which is across the parking lot from Dunkin’ Donuts. The CA Center has a tie-in to my daughter’s theater passion. I picked up some treats Trader Joe’s that were safer for food allergies (I happily tested them beforehand to make sure that they were tasty).

Annette, Mitzvah Photography by Annette Leibovitz, took beautiful photos in advance at the synagogue as well as at the party. Although our party did not look like something out of a magazine, we all had a wonderful time! My daughter initially was not keen on some parts of the plan. She wanted it to look like other events she attended. Afterwards, we asked if she would have changed anything. The answer was, “No.” : ).

Here is a list of the Vendors that the family used:

Venue: Chicago Curling Club

Photographer: Mitzvah Photography by Annette Leibovitz

DJ/MC: Elevated Entertainment

Giveaways: World Advertising/Specially by Sandi

Security/Chaperones: Mazel Scheduling Services

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