Hello! We are Andrea Rappaport and Christina Purtell, the owners and artists of Flawless Beauty Chicago, an onsite makeup company. We offer in-home makeup services to ensure that you look your very best (while still looking and feeling like yourself) on such an important weekend. We specialize in clean, timeless makeup that looks impeccable both in pictures and in person. We put great emphasis on skincare, so that your skin will feel hydrated and look incredibly radiant. We start all of our appointments with a mini facial, and all our rates include individual false lash application. For the Mitzvah girls, we create age-appropriate looks which highlight their natural beauty.

We have been in the industry for well over a decade, and along the way have learned some tips of the trade that we are happy to share with you…

Tip #1: Your makeup should not be too “trendy”. As we said before, the looks we create are timeless. Meaning, you won’t look at your images years later and think, “what was I thinking with that eye makeup?!?!”

Tip #2: When possible, schedule a trial appointment prior to your Mitzvah weekend. Trial appointments help the artist and client get to know each other, in addition to creating the makeup look together. Makeup is very personal; after all, it’s your FACE! The weekend of your child’s Mitzvah can be stressful and will certainly be chaotic. Alleviate some of that stress and pressure by meeting your artist beforehand. This way, you aren’t inviting a complete stranger into your home at 7am on a Saturday morning to create a makeup look that you have never seen on your face before on such an important day. Oy!

Tip #3: Related to Tip #2, plan plenty of time for your makeup and hair services. The last thing you want to do is run behind with getting ready when your family needs to be at the synagogue by a certain time. We create a timeline that takes into account not only the time you need for hair and makeup, but also, how much time you may need to help everyone else in your house get ready to leave.

Tip #4: Have your makeup done for your pictures, if your pictures are to be taken on a separate day. After the hustle and bustle of your Mitzvah weekend is behind you, all that you’ll have left are the pictures. You want to look as polished in the pictures as you did on the bimah and at the party.

Tip #5: Your makeup should be authentic to who you are. If you typically do not wear a lot of makeup (or any makeup), a heavy makeup look with a dark, smoky eye is not going to look like you, and most likely will feel inauthentic. We help our clients create looks that still look and feel like them, but just on their very best day. It’s okay for the makeup to look like something that you yourself would not be able to create, you just want to feel comfortable in the makeup so that you don’t cringe every time you pass by a mirror or see your pictures.

Please feel free to reach out to us via our website or our Facebook page! We look forward to learning about your Mitzvah and how we can help you look and feel your very best!

~Andrea and Christina

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