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Meet Zivit – Shatour’s Israel Travel Consultant in America

Zivit Blonder is Shatour’s representative in the United States. She is the daughter of Nathan and Hannah Shapiro and she advises American families on the best places to visit in Israel. Zivit means ‘ray of sunshine’ and echoes her brother’s name, Lior, which means ‘I...

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Should I Hire a Planner? It’s No Longer a Question

The answer is simply, yes! Whether you’ve had a planner with you from the beginning or you’ve decided a day-of coordinator would do the trick, you’ve made the right decision by hiring help! After spending months and months of planning and after spending years thinking...

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Virtual Reality is a Reality in the Chicagoland Mitzvah Scene

Reality Bytes is an immersive tech agency that provides VR, AR, and 360 services to enhance event entertainment. Immersive technology can be confusing and unfamiliar, which is a major concern when considering it's use. We present the industry in a way that's easily...

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J. Hollander Photography

We are J. Hollander Photography, and as a family run photography studio, we always take the utmost pride in everything we do and never send your work out to be completed by someone else. We are there for you each step of the way, insuring that your photographs are...

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The Wow Factor – It’s What We Bring To Your Event

Bar and bat mitzvahs are our favorite! Why? Because The Wow Factor understands them. Professionally, I’m the owner of a party rental/entertainment company that specializes in turning ordinary into extraordinary by helping families get the biggest bang for their buck....

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Mitzvah Giving

We at Kidoodles/Initial It Gifts are often asked what is the right thing to give a thirteen year old for their bar/bat mitzvah? As in all things "Jewish", everyone has an opinion on what makes the perfect gift! The good news is, there are many appropriate ways to...

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6+ Reasons Why You Will Benefit from an Event Planner

Look at this picture of a happy, relaxed mom at her son’s Bar Mitzvah. This can and should be you! Stacey Moe Events talks to us about a few reasons why you should consider hiring an event planner.  1. You’re busy Like incredibly busy. Both spouses work or have hectic...

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H.Y.P.E. Productions

Hello Mitzvah Chit Chat Peeps. Do you know How You Prefer Entertainment? Does your child want a club-style dance party or would they prefer more games and activities? We are H.Y.P.E. Productions, an interactive entertainment production company, that can help your...

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Louie B. Fresh

Louie B. Fresh is the little brother Little Louie’s of Northbrook! They have a full mobile kitchen to cater all of your special events! From hot dogs, burgers and cheese fries to wraps, salads and Mexican items...check out Louie B. Fresh. Contact: Jamie Gilberg...

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