Drew’s Bar Mitzvah was such an incredible experience for myself and my family! We celebrated our eldest son’s Bar Mitzvah! I wanted to give a shout out to several vendors that helped to make it such a success! First of all, wanted to thank Michael’s Red Hots for creating such a fun party with the best food ever and was so organized that we never had to even think! Next, wanted to thank Dan Gelfond from Keepsake Video for a fabulous job of recording our service and party and putting together our montage. Becky Lapins, from “Fancy Thattt” for putting together our cool basketball themed centerpieces. Thank you to Lou Loiben from Personalities! He literally is the expert on how to keep the music match the mood of the room. He listened to what we wanted and what we didn’t want and did a great job making on-the-spot decisions of what to do next. He is the BEST!! Last, Mr. Tell Draper blew us away! We haven’t seen all of our shots but what we have seen is insane! Truly talented and beyond creative. He never says “no”. I was so lucky to have been in the best hands ever!! Thank you!

Date of the Event

Service Location

Michael’s Red Hots

Tell Draper


Fancy Thattt

Photo Booth
Conquest Entertainment

Drew’s Mom

Hair and Makeup
Flawless Beauty Chicago

Attire Purchased at:

Giveaways Vendor
G.Q. Promotions: Aliza Sperling
Marty Gold

Celebration Studios

Special Thank You
Thank you to all who helped me prepare for one of the greatest days of our lives! You are truly magicians. We are so lucky!


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